Empower Your Employees

The value of management is how well they are supporting those who create value for the customer - the workers themselves. We call this "empowerment." We use a process that has been shown in real organizations to effectively identify items to improve empowerment, and along with it efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Real Results

This is not a "feel-good" program. This is a process that uses data to measure and improve the ability of your employees to get work done.

Helpful, Not Exploitive

What we don't do is give you survey results that tell you how bad you are, promising to come back for more money and tell you how bad you are again next year.

Advanced Analyses

We can work with you to create data-driven action plans for the organization and individual managers that will result in real improvements.

This Could Be Your Organization' Employee Empowerment

Empowering Your Employees Made Easier

Give your managers the information they need to empower their employees.

Getting Results

Unlike many "empowerment" or "engagement" surveys, The ROI Alliance approach focuses on things that the supervisor can control. We don't ask if they have a best friend at work or if they like where they live; we ask if the employees have what they need to get the job done. This approach is based on the employee empowerment model below.

Empowering employees is one of the roles of management. This tool allows them to identify what to work on first to get the biggest improvement in empowerment, and what to work on next to keep it increasing.


The overall results analyze how the organization as a whole is providing its employees with what they need to get the job done. Often, there are areas that need improvement that span the whole company. This report will detect these issues, which the business can address strategically.

We use advanced statistical analyses to determine what the organization needs to work on in order to have the biggest improvement in empowerment in the shortest time. The video above explains how we do that. We translate the statistics into a plan of action that tells managers exactly what to look for and gives them ideas on how to move forward.

Report excerpt:

The most important area to address first is employees feeling that they lack the authority to do their jobs. This is often due to employees having a different understanding for who is supposed to do what. One tool that can be very helpful in helping resolve these differences is a RACI matrix...

Just because the organization is working on certain issues doesn't mean that these issues are the main barriers to empowerment for every manager. Each supervisor will receive their own report with the main barriers in their area, along with some suggested approaches to resolve those particular issues.

Report excerpt:


Your employees have identified the lack of tools as their main barrier to empowerment. Specifically, respondents identified barriers associated with having inadequate systems and not having enough time to perform the job. Here are some steps you can take to identify and then begin to address these issues.

Improving employee empowerment takes time and effort across the company. We are with you throughout that time, using data to confirm the effect of your actions and show the next steps to take.

This graph shows the interventions suggested by the data and the subsequent effects on employee empowerment. Press play to see each empowerment survey, the actions taken, and the change in empowerment seen as a result.

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