ROIstat Planned Features

The following items are planned for ROIstat:

  • Time Horizon
    • Near
      • SPC including a variety of ways of estimating variance
        • Limits calculations added in v1.2, charts to come next
    • Medium
      • Add Weibull and Johnson curves to the distribution tab
      • Calculate confidence intervals from statistics: z, t, s, p, c
      • Calculate sample sizes for estimation
      • Run charts
      • Taguchi loss estimation from parameters and data
      • Basic capability calculations
      • Autocorrelation tests
      • Save and load file functionality
    • Long
      • Add distribution fitting
      • Distribution fit capability calculations
      • Transform data inside of ROIstat
      • Measurement system analysis 
        • Discrete
        • Continuous
      • Crosstab functionality
        • From data
        • Entered by hand
      • Add helpful informational graphs and assumption tests within various statistical tests
      • Add contrasts, complex contrasts including Bonferroni-Dunn approach and procedure
      • Add two-way and higher ANOVA - fixed
      • Add two-way and higher ANOVA - random
      • Add two-way and higher mixed models
      • Taguchi fractional factorial design
      • Estimation based on experimental results
  • Completed
      • Reference column-based tests - complete
      • ANOVA - Analysis of Variance - complete for oneway
      • Add probability between two values, outside of two values, above or below one value and shading for - complete
        • Binomial
        • Poisson
        • Exponential
      • Exact power and sample size calculations for Poisson - complete


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