Problem Solving



This course provides organizations with the knowledge, tools, and techniques that allow individuals to manage and effectively participate in systematic problem elimination and performance improvement. The participants will acquire a foundation in the principles of the scientific method, the use of data, and the nature of problems and causes which face an organization. A unique distinction is made in this course between the elimination of incidents and breakthrough performance improvement. A Problem Elimination System is introduced as a system for recurrence prevention of unwanted incidents such as safety accidents, out-of-control conditions, machine failures, customer complaints, and excess scrap losses. A recognized seven-step Problem-Solving Strategy is provided to address chronic problems and performance improvement. Participants will learn how to use these strategies and apply various quality tools and techniques. A final discussion gives the obligations of managers which are required to effectively manage teams.

Time Requirement

2 days

Number of Participants

Maximum of 30



Primary Resource Materials

Problem Solving, Quality Tools and Techniques

Content Outline

  • Introduction
    • An Analysis of Product and Service Quality and Complaints
    • Course Outline
  • Scientific Method
    • An Outline of the Scientific Method
    • Industrial Mythology
    • The Preconditioned Mind
    • Elimination of Industrial Mythology
  • Using Data
    • Using Numbers to Represent Observations
    • Criterion Measures and Operational Definitions
    • Types of Data
    • Time, Shape, Spread, and Location
    • Data Must Support Decisions
    • Process Measures vs. Result Measures
    • Efficient and Effective Data
  • Problems and Causes
    • Performance Improvement
    • Incidents
    • Causes
    • Elimination/Improvement
    • Process Improvement Stages
  • Problem Elimination System-System Highlights
  • Launching a Problem-Solving Team
    • Initiation Source
    • Role of the Sponsor
    • The Mission Statement
    • Team Commissioning Meeting
  • Problem-Solving Strategy
    • Introduction
    • The Need for a Structured Approach
    • What Kind of Activities Should Use a Problem-Solving Strategy?
    • Overview
    • A Warning from Juran
    • The Elimination of Multiple Subproblems
    • Problem-Solving Strategy Steps
  • Management Obligations


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