Orientation to Total Quality Assurance


The purpose of this seminar is to provide managers and supervisors at all levels with an understanding of the technical requirements associated with the implementation of customer-driven quality assurance in a BPE organization. Particular attention is provided to a quality improvement strategy, designed to bring critical product and process characteristics into a state of control and capability. The role of this effort within the BPE model and its interrelationships is also explored in depth.

Case studies and applicable examples from a number of varied industries and companies are utilized within the seminar to enhance participants' understanding of the implementation of BPE in general, and statistical quality assurance in particular.

Time Requirement

16 hours

Number of Participants

50 participants maximum


None, although participation in An Overview of Total Quality is desirable and recommended.

Primary Resource Materials

A Quality Improvement Strategy for Critical Product and Process Characteristics and An Orientation to Total Quality transparency guide

Content Outline

  • An Overview of the Components of Total Quality Management (Brief)
    • The Management Technologies
      • Policy Deployment
      • Daily Management
      • The PDCA Discipline
    • The Supporting Technologies
      • Total Quality Assurance
      • Just-In-Time Processing
      • Employee Involvement
  • A Breakdown of Customer-Driven Total Quality Assurance (Brief)
    • Supplier Quality Assurance
    • Customer Satisfaction and Quality Function Deployment
    • Statistical Quality Assurance
  • The Structure and Purpose of the Total Quality Assurance Function (Major Emphasis)
    • Selecting Focal Points for the Implementation of TQM
    • Problem-Solving versus Quality Improvement
    • The Quality Improvement Strategy: A Road Map for Bringing Critical Characteristics into a State of Control and Capability
  • Case Studies from Industry


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