Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Capability — Floor Applications


This introductory course includes instruction from a comprehensive, applied training manual. The examples used throughout the seminar are actual examples using data collected by personnel involved in developing and implementing process control systems and conducting capability analyses. This modified course is generally utilized for operator training, emphasizing a hands-on, applied approach.

Time Requirement

4 days

Number of Participants

30 participants maximum



Primary Resource Materials

Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Capability Floor Applications manual

Content Outline

  • The Graphical Representation of Data and Basic Descriptive Statistics
    • Ungrouped and Grouped Frequency Distributions
    • Frequency Polygons and Histograms
    • Measures of Central Tendency
    • Measures of Variability
    • The Normal Distribution and z Scores
  • Control Chart Theory
    • Process Variation
    • Control Chart Theory
    • Statistical Control Conditions
  • Process Control & Capability for Variables Data
    • Developing and Interpreting X-Bar and R Charts
    • Introduction to Process Capability
    • Developing and Interpreting X-Bar and s Charts
    • Process Capability Analysis utilizing the X-Bar and s Chart
  • Process Control and Capability for Attribute Data
    • Control Charts for Defectives
      • Developing and Interpreting p Charts
      • Developing and Interpreting np Charts
    • Control Charts for Defects
      • Developing and Interpreting c Charts
      • Developing and Interpreting u Charts
  • How to Get Started in Statistical Process Control


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