Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment


The purpose of this seminar is to provide managers and supervisors, as well as quality personnel, with an overview of the steps and procedures associated with policy deployment.

Specific topics reviewed, with practical and functional examples, include Strategic Plan development, Strategic Product-Market Analysis, Mission Statement requirements, and Customer Quality Assurance system requirements.

This seminar has been designed as a two day seminar/working session. The first day is primarily devoted to the presentation of the content. The second day may be utilized as a guided working session for the development of the components and procedures associated with the elements of a Policy Deployment system.

Time Requirement

2 days

Number of Participants

30 participants maximum


An Orientation to Total Quality

Primary Resource Materials

Elements of Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment
National Label Company: A Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment Case Study

Content Outline

  • A review of the components necessary to properly execute a Policy Deployment system (e.g., Vision and Beliefs Statement; Mission Statement; and Focal Point Charts)
  • A review of Strategic Planning, with coverage of the essential elements required for a Strategic Plan so as to facilitate Policy Deployment
  • A review of Strategic (Product-Market) Analysis, with an assessment of those data bases required for the Policy Deployment effort
  • A review of those elements and data that  must be generated from a Customer Quality Assurance system to allow for the appropriate development of a Strategic Plan
  • A comprehensive presentation of a recommended design for a Policy Deployment and Daily Management system


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