Statistical Methods for Procurement


A course for the procurement professional, the participant will learn to use the tools necessary to (1) statistically analyze incoming raw materials and supplies for potential capability; (2) statistically analyze incoming raw materials and supplies for short- and long-term control and capability; (3) perform and/or understand those studies necessary to purchase valid and reliable measurement devices and/or systems; and (4) statistically compare vendors/suppliers based upon quality, reliability, total cost, and delivery and service.

Time Requirement

4 days

Number of Participants

No limit


An Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Capability, Advanced Statistical Process Control and Capability, Guidelines for a Practical Approach to Gauge Capability Analysis, and Statistical Methods for Management or Experimental Design and Industrial Statistics, Level I.

Primary Resource Materials

Statistical Methods for Procurement manual

Content Outline

  • An Overview of Supplier Quality Assurance
    • Model Premises
    • Supplier Selection and Qualification
    • Cost of Quality Accounting System
    • Critical Characteristic Approval and Review System
  • Statistically Assessing Incoming Materials
    • Assessment Model
    • Case Study I: Purchasing Oil-Based Coolant/Lubricant
    • Case Study II: Purchasing Steel Wire (Coils)
  • Statistically and Financially Comparing Incoming Materials and Suppliers
  • A Comprehensive Model and Procedures for Vendor/Supplier Selection
    • Case Study III: Purchasing Coated End Stock
  • A Suggested Model for Acceptance Criteria for Purchased Machinery and Equipment




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