ROIstat v2.39 Released!

We are releasing another update for ROIstat! This release has a number of new features and fixes!

You can download it here:

Download ROIstat!

(ROIstat Changelog)

  • New packages needed
    • In preparation for multi-factor ANOVA, there are a few new packages that will be part of ROIstat's requirements. The code for the new analyses is in the codebase, but is not yet ready for primetime, so you will need to go ahead and get those packages installed:
      • install.packages("EMSaov")
      • install.packages("car")
      • Need to update datamods to fix an issue there. You can do this in RStudio by clicking Tools | Check for Package Updates and update datamods. If you use RGui, you can click on Packages | Update packages... to do the same thing. (It is probably a good idea to update your other packages too!)
  • New Features
    •  Made the output for the phi/Cramers V more clear for when it uses Fisher's exact test
    • Changed non-normal dependent dispersion test hypotheses to ADM(n-1) instead of variance
    • Improved output for distribution testing to make it clearer which combination of factors is being tested.
    • Added a base font size selctor to SPC, correlation, oneway anova charts - this should help with fine-tuning an exported chart
    • Added violin plots to EDA Boxplot
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed spearman output to have the s subscript for the coefficient of association.
    • Fixed a bug with boxplots that made for some weirdly small charts when exported
    • Fixed a bug when using data for the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney U and Two-sample median that would not display the sample statistics or results
    • Fixed a but that prevented the random effects legend from including the confidence interval of the effect
    • Fixed bug that prevented variance sources from showing up in the random effects post-hoc page
    • Due to a bug in lolcat the variance.test.twosample.independent() function was giving the wrong results. Now ROIstat just does the calculation correctly itself.
    • Fixed a referencing bug that would return the wrong df from dependent dispersion tests. The results were unaffected, just what the app said the df were.
  • Known issues:
    • datamods no longer will load .dat files with only one column - this is a limitation in the packages it uses. A workaround is to save that as a .txt file or just cut and paste the data.
    • Long pause once ROIstat loads, disabled blog links to help - this is due to RStudio functions that take 10+ seconds to load. Once they are loaded, it does not affect the app. Consider loading via RGui if this is an annoyance.
    • Lin-Mudholkar test fails due to breaking the function when the correlation is 1 (lolcat issue)
    • Reported problem with use data one and two sample tests, object x2 not found (can't replicate)
    • No button on MVP(E) or Mann-Whitney-U test to stop early - may be added in the future
    • The density plot x-axis for the exponential will start at zero even if the minimum is above that


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