ROIstat Alpha 0.83 Released!

A new alpha update for ROIstat has been released! ROIstat alpha 0.83 adds some really useful features!

You can download it here:

Download ROIstat!

(ROIstat Changelog)

New for this release:

    • Need to add ggplot2
    • Need to add a custom fork of propagate
    • Need to update lolcat
    • Need to update datamods
    • To do this, close RStudio and then open it again. Type:
      • require(devtools)
      • install_github("tidyverse/ggplot2")
      • install_github("ProfessorPeregrine/propagate")
      • install_github("burrm/lolcat")
      • install_github("dreamRs/datamods")
  • Fixed bug in sample size calculations - now allows you to test for the alternative being equal, lesser, or greater than the null
  • Added confidence intervals and natural tolerances for column and factor data
  • Added many selectable descriptive statistics for column and factor data
  • Added common and custom quantiles for column and factor data
  • Added scatterplots with various regression models, including confidence intervals and significance test
  • KNOWN ISSUE: if you have a data set where one vector contains NAs and you choose that column as well as another column, you will get an error for the normality tests.
    • WORKAROUND: columns with NAs can be tested for normality by themselves.


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