Recommended Guidelines for Quarterly Quality Reviews


This document provides the Quality Practitioner with a tested and proven set of guidelines for the conduct of Quarterly Quality Reviews.

In the implementation of any Business Performance Excellence system, the Quarterly Quality Review (QQR) plays a critical and central role in the "CHECK" component of the implementation process. This document presents an outline for the conduct of the review; as well as a comprehensive description of the documentation which should be provided for the associated review. The documentation detailed conforms to those elements contained in the Luftig & Warren model for Total Quality Management (Reference: An Orientation to Total Quality transparency guide).

Content Outline

  • Introduction
  • General Description
  • Structure of the Reviews
  • Documentation Requirements
    • Focal Point Chart
    • Product/Process Improvement Matrix
    • Dissatisfier Progress Reports
    • Internal Business Needs
    • Projects
    • Team Management Sheets
    • Personnel Training and Participation Matrix
    • Employee Suggestion System Report
  • Documentation Requirements for Designed Experiments




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