Overview of Total Quality Management


The purpose of this seminar is to provide all levels of management and supervision with a comprehensive understanding of the integrated components of the Total Quality (TQ) model. In-depth explanations, tied to profit and productivity, are provided to allow the participants to appreciate how each of the model components "fit together" and understand the benefits of such a model.

The philosophical and financial motivations and benefits resulting from the implementation of TQ are provided in detail. Provided also are specific guidelines for the implementation of TQ.

Time Requirement

1 day

Number of Participants

75 participants maximum



Primary Resource Materials

An Orientation to Total Quality transparency guide

Content Outline

  • An Overview of the Components of Total Quality Management
    • The Management Technologies
      • Policy Deployment
      • Daily Management
      • The PDCA Discipline
    • The Supporting Technologies
      • Total Quality Assurance
      • Just-In-Time Processing
      • Employee Involvement
  • A Breakdown of Customer-Driven Total Quality Assurance
    • Supplier Quality Assurance
    • Customer Quality Assurance
    • Statistical Quality Control
      • Problem-Solving
      • Quality Improvement Strategy
  • A Suggested Model for TQ and case studies from business and industry
  • Recommendations for the Successful Implementation of TQ
  • Sustaining TQ: Recommendations for Management


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