National Label Company: A Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment Case Study


The purpose of this publication is to provide an exemplary model of Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment. This document is intended to be used as a supplement to Elements of Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment as an illustrative example to be used in conjunction with the seminar.

Due to our proprietary requirements and our desire to protect our clients' competitive positions, we are unable to provide examples from our wide array of experiences in various industries. Therefore, we have created a "factitious" company, known as the National Label Company, as a means to illustrate the type of work undertaken in a deployment effort. This case study is, in effect, the deployment of a single critical strategic issue into a vertical slice of the organization. Though the example may be factitious, it is representative of actual activities and practices undertaken on a routine basis by companies practicing BPE as a means to manage their businesses.

While not intended as a stand-alone document, this guide provides the Quality Practitioner and seminar participants with a comprehensive example of Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment. Also included with the technical aid is a 23 - 35 inch multicolored map of the various elements, forms, documents, and analyses used to illustrate the deployment process.

Content Outline

  • Visions, Values, Guiding Principles, and Corporate Mission Statement
  • Strategic Product-Market Analysis
  • Customer Quality Assurance
  • Strategic Plan
  • Operating Plan
  • Division Level
  • Plant Level
  • Department Level
  • Section Level




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