Foundations of Industrial Research and Experimental Design


The purpose of this seminar is to provide managers, supervisors, and technical personnel with an understanding and appreciation of the industrial research process. This body of knowledge will allow seminar participants to more appropriately direct and participate in the conduct of industrial research in their areas of responsibility. Statistical methods are de-emphasized in this seminar. The procedures and methods employed in conducting sound and replicable research are highlighted, discussed, and explained through the presentation of the applicable theory, followed by a review of actual case studies.

Time Requirement

32 hours (4 days @ 7 hours and 1 day @ 4 hours)

Number of Participants

25 participants maximum


Statistical Methods for Managers (Required)
An Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Capability (Recommended)

Primary Resource Materials

Foundations of Industrial Research and Experimental Design Volumes 1 and 2 (Dedicated manual, 425 pages)

Content Outline

  • Initially Describing the Research Study
  • Developing the Theoretical Framework of the Study
  • Operationalizing the Statement of the Problem: Research Questions and Hypotheses
  • Underlying Concepts and Definitions of Experimental Design
  • The Basic Logic and Purpose of an Experimental Design
  • Types of Experimental Designs
  • Designing the Industrial Experiment
  • Assessing the Industrial Experiment for Adequacy and Efficiency
  • Case Studies (8)
    • Coolant Vendor Analysis
    • Maintenance Technique Comparison
    • Hybrid Corn Comparison
    • Label Selection (Sales)
    • Label Adherence Study
    • Injection Molding Study
    • Baked Cracker Package Design
    • Product Design: Ammunition
  • Sampling Procedures and Considerations
  • Establishing the Validity of the Data
  • Managing the Execution of the Experiment
  • Designing the Plan for the Statistical Analysis of the Data
  • Reporting the Results of the Research Study




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