Elements of Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment


This Technical Aid serves as a Transparency Guide and Resource Document in conjunction with a one day overview on this topic.

While not intended as a stand-alone document, this guide provides the Quality Practitioner and seminar participants alike with a number of models, forms, and documentation details which may be employed in creating a Policy Deployment system commensurate with the targeted culture and organization.

Content Outline

  • Introduction
  • Basic Definitions and Premises
  • Developing the Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment System
    • Vision Statements
    • Mission Statements
    • Strategic Plans
    • Business Plans
    • Focal Point Charts
    • Strategic Product-Market Analysis
    • Customer Quality Assurance Guidelines
  • Forms and Checklists for the Management of a Policy Deployment System
  • Daily Management Interface
  • PDCA Discipline Interface
  • Case study: The National Label Company: A Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment Case Study


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