A Procedure for the Statistical Start-Up of New and Existing Production Systems


The purpose of this publication is two-fold.  First, it provides a process where the quality of either new or existing equipment, processes, or products can be optimized.  In the case of existing processes, the procedure will maximize the output given the constraints built into the process.  In the case of new processes, the procedure will insure that when the process is turned over to day-to-day operations in a state of control and capable of meeting customer requirements.

The second purpose is to provide a structure for performing statistically designed experiments in industry.  An example experiment is used to show how to do this, and blank forms are provided to walk the practitioner through the process of designing and performing an optimization experiment.

Read a paper by ROI President Steve Ouellette on Statistical Start-ups.

Content Outline

  • Introduction
    • Statistically Qualifying New and Rebuilt Equipment and Machinery
    • Statistical Start-Ups for New Systems, Lines, and Plants
    • Advanced Quality Planning
  • 2. Procedures for Statistical Start-Ups and General Screening Experiments
    • Critical Product/Process Characteristic Identification
    • Initial QFD Table Development
    • Criterion Measure Classification
    • Independent Variable Selection
    • Interaction Table and Selection
    • Selected Experimental Design
    • Alias Structures
    • Experiment Notification
    • Gauging Review, and Assessment
    • Assignment of Responsibilities
    • Nonmanipulable Variable Monitoring
    • Sample Engineering Log
    • Summary of Results
    • Final QFD Table
    • Procedure Change Check sheet
    • Final Report Check sheet




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