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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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On-site Training

On-Site Six Sigma Solutions

When The ROI Alliance implements Six Sigma, we do it in a fully integrated way that we call Business Performance Excellence or BPE.  Our objective is to maximize your profit, and to do that you must optimize the entire business.  When Six Sigma practitioners lack what Deming called "profound knowledge" about business, there is a risk of an implementation that will be a financial disaster.


One of the most visible aspects of Business Performance Excellence is the powerful problem-solving techniques taught to a cadre at your business, sometimes known as Black Belts.


Here is our complete course outline for the Black Belt course.  Why do we display to all of our competitors our intellectual property?  Because we believe that when you are making a decision to choose a supplier for your training, you should know what you are getting for your money.  Our training course provides the depth and breadth necessary to be successful in many different industries when you run into common real-world situations not covered in other "follow the recipe" training approaches.  We provide you with sufficient background and understanding of the tools in order to avoid catastrophic decisions made because something in the real world happened to be different from the ivory tower assumptions you might find elsewhere.

We encourage you to compare what you get from our training to any other Black Belt course (if you can even get them to give you an outline of what they are selling).  This doesn't make our training the easiest Black Belt course out there.

It just makes it the best.


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