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Thursday, April 18, 2019

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On-site Training


In addition to our training and consulting, there are a number of resources that we can offer to help you in your quest to solve problems and maximize profitability.

  • Technical Aids   ( 10 Articles )

    The purpose of the documents in this series is to provide practitioners with focused documentation or strategies which may be employed in the effort to implement BPE. The documents share a number of common elements:

    • They are short, focused guides associated with a specific problem or issue.
    • They are based upon (to some degree) course material provided to the practitioner through courses/seminars offered by The ROI Alliance.
    • They are a direct response to needs expressed by practitioners for materials or guidelines associated with the solution of specific problems or the facilitation of practical and technical opportunities.
  • White Papers   ( 8 Articles )

    ROI Members have written a number of important articles and white papers, which you can read here.

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