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Friday, April 19, 2019
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This publication is designed to provide the quality practitioner, engineer, and other technical personnel with a comprehensive description of the methodology associated with bringing critical product and process characteristics into a state of control and capability. The methodology is divided into four basic sections, and the procedures to be employed are presented on a series of flowcharts.

While the flowcharts are generally self-explanatory, a significant amount of understanding as related to industrial statistics and experimental design on the part of the reader is assumed. This manual, in fact, serves as a capstone document for the Experimental Design and Industrial Statistics series offered by The ROI Alliance.

Content Outline

  • Introduction to the Product/Process Quality Improvement Strategy: Underlying Concepts and Assumptions
  • Phase I — Measurement Analysis
    • Accuracy Analysis
    • Precision Analysis
  • Phase II — Product Characteristics Control and Capability Analysis (Continuous/Variables and Discrete/Attribute Data)
    • Control Chart Selection
    • Assessment of Process Control
    • Assessment of Process Capability
  • Phase III — First Order Critical Process Characteristic Control and Capability Analysis: Assessment and Countermeasures
  • Phase IV — Second and Third Order Critical Process Characteristics Control and Capability Analysis: Assessment and Countermeasures


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