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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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On-site Training

ROI's Black Belt training exceeds other providers in depth, breadth, and real-world applicability.· Black Belts trained by us know better than to make disastrous and costly errors.

ROI Black Belt AttendeeI was trained as a Black Belt at GE. The training I received from ROI was broader in scope, examined the subjects to more depth, and was presented in a way that was easier to understand – both the statistics and the application to real life.

What is it about ROI's Black Belt training that makes it so valuable?

First, we use a computer program written by ROI Senior Consultant Michael Petrovich called MVPstats. This program frees the attendees from spending time learning how to make a standard statistics computer program do basic statistics. MVPstats is easy to use and very powerful. It is the only reason we can achieve a scope and depth that surpasses others' training in the same amount of time.

Second, we use real-life examples as exercises in class to teach the concepts. When teaching on-site, we can even use that client's data to drive home many points.

Third, all of our instructors have years of experience in both applying and teaching the tools in many different industries. They have the ability to take questions that come up in class and use them as opportunities to further clarify and show the application of the advanced tools. We use a single instructor for the entire class. This requires much from the instructor, but we feel that the resulting bonding with the attendees and the time and effort saved since the instructor knows the attendees, their projects, and challenges, is more than worth it.

And fourth, all of our experience and statistical knowledge of what is useful and what works in real situations is distilled down into the best Black Belt curriculum available. And yes, we do get through it all in four weeks with some time to spare for questions and discussions. It is challenging, but those who have attended our seminars, even those previously trained as Black Belts, come out with a powerful new array of tools that have worked to save our clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

As impressive as the curriculum is, perhaps you will be more impressed to know that more than 9 out of 10 of our attendees pass (receive an 80%+) four on-line assessments, one administered after each training week.

These reasons are why ROI-trained Black Belts are so effective at saving their companies' money, and why they are the premier Black Belts today. Contact us today to see how this training can help your company.

Our Black Belts make their company a profit - visit our case studies next to see how.


Six Sigma Black Belts may stay in their current position at a company or may be assigned exclusively to problem solving running one or more teams.

Time Requirement

When taught on-site, the usual practice is to teach each of the four weeks with three weeks in between.  Thus the course is 160 hours taught in one week blocks over four months.

Number of Participants

25 participants maximum



Primary Resource Materials

  • Black Belt Slide Guide
  • Quality with Confidence
  • Effective Teaming
  • Taguchi's Orthogonal Arrays
  • Quality Tools

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