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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
On-Site Training On-Site Training Course List Guidelines for a Practical Approach to Gauge Capability Analysis

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This seminar presents a series of definitions and procedures for developing a sensible approach to the evaluation of existing gauges as well as providing a basis for the intelligent purchase of new gauging systems. Additionally, the seminar includes a hands-on segment for the evaluation of standard gauges, which brings home the concepts and clarifies the principles of capability analysis for process and product measurement. The major thrust of the content in this seminar is non-destructive measurement processes as associated with variables (continuous) data.

Time Requirement

1 day

Number of Participants

30 participants maximum


An Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Capability

Primary Resource Materials

Guidelines for a Practical Approach to Gauge Capability Analysis manual

Content Outline

  • Gauge Capability: Concepts, Terminology, and Definitions
  • General Procedures for the Collection of Data
  • Procedures for a Process Potential Study for Gauges
  • Procedures for Short-Term Capability Analyses
  • Procedures for Long-Term Capability Analyses
  • Computer Applications


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