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Thursday, May 23, 2019
On-Site Training On-Site Training Course List Advanced Statistical Process Control and Capability

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This advanced course includes instruction from a comprehensive, applied training manual. The examples used throughout the seminar are actual examples using data gathered by personnel involved in developing and implementing process control systems and conducting capability analyses. Unique aspects of this course include short-term and process capability analysis for non-normal distributions, employing the X and Moving R chart for the control of non-normal processes, and computer applications for specialized functions.

Time Requirement

4 days

Number of Participants

30 participants maximum


Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Capability

Primary Resource Materials

Advanced Statistical Process Control and Capability manual

Content Outline

  • Special Purpose Control Charts
    • The Median and Range Chart
  • 2. Special Purpose Control Charts
    • The X and MR Chart for Applications Based Upon the Normal Distribution
    • Comparison of Mean (X) and Individuals (X) Control Charts
    • Testing for Normality
    • The X and MR Chart for Applications Based Upon Non-Normal Distributions
  • Standardized-Values Charts for Attribute Control
  • Tool Wear and Trend Analysis Using the X and R Control Chart
  • Statistical Analysis of Control Conditions
    • Statistical Analysis of Runs
    • Statistical Analysis of Trends
  • Procedures for Conducting Potential, Short-Term, and Long-Term Capability Analyses
    • Forms of Capability Studies
    • Procedures for the Conduct of a Process Potential Study
    • Process Potential Analyses
      • Probability Plotting Methods
      • Conducting Process Potential Studies Utilizing Computer Analyses
  • Long-Term Analytical Methods and Procedures
    • Normal Model Applications
    • Non-Normal Model Applications
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