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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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This seminar provides a broad and comprehensive overview in the area of Customer Quality Assurance (CQA). It is intended to provide personnel in the Sales, Marketing, and other administrative areas with an understanding of the major elements associated with the design, implementation, and maintenance of a CQA system. Distinctions are drawn between Customer Satisfaction processes and CQA; the systemic requirements associated with moving beyond Customer Satisfaction (i.e., meeting the needs of the customer) into the realm of Customer Delight (i.e., exceeding the needs of the customer) are also discussed.

Time Requirement

1 day

Number of Participants

30 participants maximum



Primary Resource Materials

Elements of Customer Quality Assurance

Content Outline

  • The Evolution of Customer Quality Assurance
  • A Breakdown of the Customer Satisfaction Improved Process
    • Identifying Served Markets
    • Selecting/Identifying Key (Critical) Customers
    • Determining Customer Requirements
    • Identifying Corresponding Design Requirements
    • Designing and Engineering the Product/Service
    • Planning for Manufacture/Delivery
    • Planning for Process Control
    • Sales and After-Sale Service Considerations
    • Tracking Customer Satisfaction
  • Premises and Requirements for a Customer Feedback System
  • The Role of CQA in Product Design and Advanced Quality Planning


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