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Friday, April 19, 2019
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This seminar provides managers and supervisors with an opportunity to apply statistical skills acquired in earlier courses. Participants learn to synthesize and evaluate the results of research and data-gathering efforts as intelligent consumers of data, ask correct and appropriate questions, make appropriate observations, and suggest sensible follow-up strategies when presented with the results of industrial research. The participants will walk through the appropriate analyses of a number of studies actually conducted in various plants. Analyses corresponding to both the vendor and customer perspective are explored.

Time Requirement

2 to 3 days

Number of Participants

25 participants maximum


Foundations of Industrial Research and Experimental Design

Content Outline

  • Improving Incoming Material for Our Can Plant Customers
  • Analyzing Steam Line Performance on Our Local EMC Pit
  • Understanding the Surface Quality of Work Rolls from Our Local Roll Shop
  • Selecting a Rolling Oil Vendor ... Statistically
  • Why is Our Aerospace Customer Upset Over Elongation?
  • Sampling Coolant Additives for Taste
  • Should We Purchase the New Tester?
  • An Exercise in Personnel Evaluation
  • Selecting Saw Blade Vendors Based Upon Time to Failure (Life)
  • Understanding the Statistical Calibration of our Moisture Analysis System


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