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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Business Performance Excellence

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Business Performance Excellence

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On-site Training

The definition of BPE is that a company is generating the maximum profit given the constraints of its industry and personnel. Here is how BPE can help you maximize your profit:

  • In Phase I, we work with the highest levels of management to determine the short- and long-term goals of the company. From these, we determine what high-level measures will track the company's progress towards those goals. We then help the company cascade and translate these measures to all levels of the organization.
    • Everyone in the company now knows what the correct measures of success are, their relative importance, and have eliminated what is not needed any more.
    • Gaps between needed and actual performance are identified and resources are allocated to be trained to close those gaps using a variety of tools in the BPE Toolchest (including training Black Belts).
  • In Phase II (which can be at least partially implemented concurrently with Phase I), we implement a TAU / CPR model with the company (click the links to learn more).
    • TAU shows where the company might work on improving efficiencies for the maximum effect
    • CPR shows the actual contribution of profit by product, customer, region, or other stratifiers of interest allowing a strategic plan to be developed to maximize profit
  • Ongoing Quarterly Reviews by upper management check progress of critical efforts, identify new needs, and continuously improve BPE activities.

See how ROI has made our clients profit by visiting our case studies section next.

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