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Monday, April 22, 2019
About ROI ROI Members Consultant: Ray Littlejohn

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On-site Training

Upon completion of graduate school (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 1977) Ray began a teaching career at North Central College (Naperville, IL) where he taught for 5 years. During his tenure at North Central he also did consulting work (Marketing, Marketing Research, and Forecasting) and lectured for The American Management Association (various topics). He left teaching to engage in consulting full time in a company he formed with two teaching colleagues. The consultancy focused on forecasting and market research. After approximately 5 years of consulting, Ray went into industry as a statistician. He subsequently served as the Quality Assurance Manager for Sealed Power Division of Sealed Power Corporation. He then joined Luftig & Warren, International. His consulting activities involved the entire breadth of topics in the area of business and quality improvement. His consulting activities involved all of the aspects of a comprehensive implementation of TQM (Total Quality Management) as well as the training and implementation of Six Sigma Business Improvement activities. Ray’s activities in these areas have spanned many business enterprises including: customer survey and customer satisfaction enhancement, supplier systems development, business planning, policy deployment, business system development and improvement, business, manufacturing and administrative product and process improvement, daily management, process control, statistical start ups and training in all of these areas.

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