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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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On-site Training

The ROI Alliance is a team of consultants who develop, teach, customize, and implement cutting-edge technology in the areas of business management and industrial statistics with the express purpose of making measurable, bottom-line improvements with our clients. We do this by helping you achieve Business Performance Excellence (BPESM).

BPE DefinedBusiness Performance Excellence is achieved when an organization is generating the maximum level of profitability possible given the human, financial, capital, and other resources it possesses. (Luftig, 1998)

BPE is a state that, without our techniques, very few businesses achieve, and fewer still are able to maintain it. It integrates a number of business technologies (including Six Sigma) into a functional whole. What is this worth to you? See a case study where we saved a Fortune 500 company $341,149,000 in three years.

The key to achieving and sustaining BPE is making all these methods work together. Too often, these are seen as isolated "programs" when they should be cross-supporting parts of the whole. ROI Alliance members have been helping companies achieve BPE since 1985. We have implemented BPE in a variety of industries and in small to Fortune 500 businesses.ROI can help your business too. Click to contact us or have us contact you – before your competitors do.


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